Condé Nast

Condé Nast

Chicago, IL

Condé Nast

Chicago, IL
21st Floor of Merch. Mart
1 Performance Stage
22 Publications


Publishers Condé Nast and music media company Pitchfork join operations at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart. A new open office environment on the twenty-first floor is anchored by a large café and breakroom that doubles as an event space with a stage.

To streamline operations and blend the two organizations into one coherent workspace, customized neighborhoods are created to accommodate their unique needs. The Conde Nast space is arranged with medium-height partitions and shelving to house publications and provide acoustic relief. Pitchfork’s space features a studio layout for artistic endeavors and open sight lines across all desks.

GREC employed a warm color palette featuring brass accents and inviting lounge furniture to create a relaxed office environment. Revealed elements of the original Mart structure compliment new polished concrete floors.

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